Your summer 2023 teams!!!
Looking forward to seeing all the teams in action, starting June 12th.

Accounting Place vs Niagara Boldts @ 845 Rink 1
Montana’s BBQ vs Garden City Kings @ 945 Rink 1
Peters Painting vs Overdrive Automotive @1045 Rink 1

Good day hockey friends,

Apologies for the delayed start, but it was great to see so many players, new and old, come out and enjoy some extra ice this past Monday.

We’re now ready for the evaluations. Please note, that there have been changes to both times, and teams.

If for some reason you can’t make X time, but could make another time, please reach out to me directly.

Please note that you must have a depot or an approved arrangement with me to attend. Also, everyone must be paid in full by the end of June.

Thanks and we look forward to the start of another great season!!!


I was just informed by the arena that they’ve had some issues with the ice, and have had to change some times around for ice repair.

EVALUATIONS ARE CANCELED… but we will have an OPEN SKATE in its place for all players in the league.

You are free to show up to any of the following times.

8:45pm RINK 1

9:45pm RINK 1

10:45pm RINK 1

Bring both a light and dark jersey, and we’ll all just go for a rip.

Please also keep in mind that it’s very likely the 8:45 will be the busiest of the 3 times, so if you’re looking for more ice time, later is the way to go.

You’re also free to attend multiple sessions to help shake the rust off.

I would also like to suggest that you don’t take crazy long shifts. Don’t be that guy.

Evaluations will now be pushed back to June 5th, and I will also be adding another game to the schedule to make up for a lost week.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again,


Dec 29th, 2022

Winter 2022/23 teams!!!

Sep 22nd, 2022

The teams have been drafted!! Will one of the newly drafted teams knock off the defending champs, Peters Painting?

Sep 16th, 2022


Aug 31st, 2022

Peters Painting does it again! SUMMER CHAMPS!

Aug 2nd, 2022

It’s time for some summer playoff hockey!!!

May 27th, 2022

The teams have been drafted!!!

May 14th, 2022

Evaluation times.
Upon arriving at the rink, we will have someone there checking you in. Please have your jersey number ready, and any other unique markings (green socks, red helmet, purple gloves etc.) so that we can also help identify you while on the ice.
These evaluations are games with an official, but are for evaluation purposes only. This is not an all star competition.
If you’re on the DARK team, wear your darkest jersey, ideally with a number.
If you’re on the LIGHT team, wear your lightest jersey, ideally with a number.

May 13th, 2022

Evaluation times for all players will be posted here over this weekend. For the most up to date information, all players who have Facebook should join our league group.

At this moment, after our registration purge of non paid players, we still have 12 open spots.

May 1st, 2022

Any player who has not yet made a financial commitment has been moved to the wait list. With that, we still have some openings for our upcoming summer season.

April 14th, 2022

I present to you, the Winter 2022 Champions… Peters Painting!

April 12th, 2022

The FINALS are set.
It’s 3rd seed The Accounting Place vs 4th seed Peters Painting.
It’s all going down April 18th @ 9:15pm.
Who you got?

April 12th, 2022

We’re almost full!!! If you’re waiting, don’t wait too long, or you’ll end up on the waiting list.

April 8th, 2022

We’re expanding to 6 teams this summer, and with that, we have two new sponsors. Garden City Kings and Overdrive Automotive.

April 5th, 2022


March 30th, 2022

We’re officially bumping up to 6 teams for summer. Below are all the registered names. To be draft eligible, you must have a min of $200 paid towards the fee by May 1st.

March 24th, 2022

Summer season evaluations for new players will be May 16th, with our summer season starting on the 30th.

More info to come as we approach and wrap up our current season.

March 18th, 2022

Summer season only has a few spots left. Based on demand, we may bump up the summer season to 6 teams.

Feb 18th, 2022


Jan 28th, 2022

The teams are set… so how about some fun facts!

Jan 27th, 2022

Season 2 teams are set!

Jan 27th, 2022

Happy Draft Day!!! The captains are getting together at 6:30 tonight for our redraft.Teams will be posted by tomorrow, with captains reaching out. The Accounting Place will not be participating in the draft, as they will be staying together as a team to defend their title. They will however be receiving 3 new players to their team as part of our player turnover.

Montana’s BBQ – 1st overall pick

Peter’s Painters – 2nd pick

Ball Hockey Nation – 3rd pick

Jan 5th, 2022

I present to you, our first ever champions… The Accounting Place.

Dec 16th, 2021

The playoff picture is set!

8:15 – Dec 20

Heading into the playoffs, Ball Hockey Nation has returned to form and are currently riding a 4 game win streak. But don’t count Montana’s BBQ out of this one. In 3 head to head games, they’ve won once and lost another by a goal.

9:15 – Dec 20

Peter’s Painters takes on The Accounting Place. Which version of the Accounting Place will show up? If it’s the one we’ve seen take BHN to a shootout, and post two wins vs Montana’s, then they’ll make a game of this. Peters Painting made a statement in their game last week with a 7 – 2 win, but we don’t expect that when everything is now on the line. So, who do you got?

Dec 1st, 2021

We will be announcing a date soon for our 5th annual WTF REF fantasy draft tournament. There will be limited spots available.

Nov 11th, 2021

Our expansion team Montana’s BBQ is ready to climb the standings, but do they have what it takes? Check our their self ratings.

Nov 11th, 2021

Week 5 action saw The Others once again put “a few” pucks in the net vs Peters Painting. Meanwhile, all the talk is on The Accounting Place who took league leading Ball Hockey Nation to a shootout (see video for result).

Nov 2nd, 2021

Week 4 of league play saw the formally undefeated Ball Hockey Nation go down in a battle vs The Others. Meanwhile, The Accounting Place looks for their first win vs Peter’s Painters… (see video for result)

@wtfref ice hockey league game highlights Peters Painting vs The Accounting Place #icehockey #beerleague #hamilton #hockey

♬ Game On (feat. Good Charlotte) [From “Pixels – The Movie”] – Waka Flocka Flame

Nov 1st, 2021

And like that, our expansion team is now full.
Welcome team Montana’s BBQ.
Below are their self evaluated ratings. Montana’s will kick off their season debut on Nov 22nd, against current league leaders, Ball Hockey Nation.

Oct 30th, 2021

We are now more than half full on filling our expansion team. This will be the 4th and final team to be added for this year. The target date for the Expansion Team to hit the ice is Nov 15th. This team will replace “The Others” on our schedule and will start with a 0-0-0 record in an attempt to finish top 2 and compete for the title.

I’m currently in talks with another potential sponsor, and hope to have an answer soon. As soon as the team is sponsored, the team will inherit that businesses name as their team name. Until then, our 4th team will be known as the Expansion Team.If you know anyone looking to play, this is last call!

Oct 28th, 2021

Oct 27th, 2021

Week 3 is a wrap. Ball Hockey Nation remains undefeated, while The Accounting Place picked up a new tendy.

Check out the clips below for game highlights and post game interviews.

Oct 22nd, 2021

We’re looking for players to expand our league. If you’re interested in joining, please register HERE to join the expansion list. Your fee will be reduced based on start date.

Oct 5th, 2021

What a great week 1 of the season.
Team Ball Hockey Nation edges out a seesaw battle vs The Others in a 7-6 shootout win. Following that up was a neutral zone battle between Peters Painting and The Accounting Place, with Peters Painting taking the game 3-2.


we’re looking to expand our fantasy draft ice hockey league #hamilton #stoneycreek #hockey

Opening night action.

Sep 30th, 2001

Congrats!! All registered players have been drafted.

Sep 29th, 2001
We’re now looking to fill our 4th team. If you’re interested, you may REGISTER HERE. No fees are due until the team is full. The 4th team will join the league as soon as the team is full.

Sep 25th, 2001

We are now one player away from starting the season with 3 full teams. Once full, we will be creating a “wait list” for all the registrations that follow. Once we have enough signed up on the wait list (15 skaters, 1 goalie), we will introduce that team as an expansion into our league.

Sep 24th, 2021

You’ve all evaluated yourselves, but now it’s time to shake the rust off and get out on the ice.

Below you will find that you’ve each be broken up into two ice times (8:15pm, or 9:15pm), and then split into two teams (light vs dark). If you end up on the light team, please do your best to bring a light coloured jersey with a number on it. Same goes with dark.